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picture of the week 38

i spent the past weekend in italy with my family. we went to the region called barbaresco in the piemont in the northern part of italy. the region is well renowned for it’s viniculture so we spent quite some time at trying different wines (exept me, i don’t drink) and walking through different cities and villages in the region. it was really relaxing and really nice to spend a weekend with the extended family (nina, my girlfriend and björn, my sisters boyfriend came with us).

the picture below shows nina and nina (once my girlfriend and once my sister (from left to right)) in the church of alba. they are both examining the piece of art on display. it consists of 57 metal boxes filled with different pigments (some were spices and some mineral pigments). the smell was really tantalizing.
in the back you see my dad with the backpack. and if you look closely you can see god entering through the church door.


ps: since i will try to keep posting those pictures i’m gonna add the week number to the subject title. here’s a calendar you can subscribe with ical to see the week number in any ical-compatible calendar app.

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