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my weekend

simu wants to ride the alpenbrevet, so he talked some of us into that little tour.
so, yesterday morning, ismu, michel, urs, simu and me started sometimes after nine o’clock in kehrsatz. somewhere down in the simmental we met päscu from the velokurier biel who drove up to the jaunpass with us. from there we went over the mittelberg.
(if you dare, here are two movies from the mittelberg-descent)
where soon after ismu and päscu went back home and michel, simu, urs and me attacked the col des mosses (i could hardly attack anymore :-). the last descent from the col des mosses to aigle was the most rewarding of the whole trip. 17 km downhill. then we arrived in aigle, where we went to visit the cmc and then waited that the patron came to open the hotel (guess which one) just for us.
after a really big diner (and i mean BIG) we all went to bed and slept like babies :-)
on the second day we started with the col de la croix (the steepest and longest one on our journey) and then went over the col du pillon. then we managed to get until gstaad where we had to make a break because we were all freezing our asses off (i tell you, driving down to passes with a racing-bike in heavy rain is no fun..)
after a good meal we took the last part of our journey under our wheels. with one little break to fill our bottles (just shortly before i fell off my bike) we drove back to bern where we arrived with a big smile on our faces (and an overall average speed of 27.7 km per hours (hence hämmes comment), which is way better than i thought we’d have).
if you’d like to see some pictures, they are online in the pictures-section.
and now i should go to bed, because i’m working the whole day tomorrow, which is definitely gonna be hard!

here’s the itinerary (provided by
finaroute finaroute-1 finaroute-2

finaroute-3 finaroute-4
resulting in a grand total of approximately 300 km.

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