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Monthly Archives: February 2005

creepy kids book mod

this person took My Little Book About God and remixed the images with his own creepy captions to make some kind of creepy howto for alien world invasion. the picture on the left is one of the 20 pages of the remixed book and it sent shivers down my spine. take a look at all […]

more good music

this day seems to be musical: the kleptones have released another mashup album: From Detroit To J.A. i haven’t had time to listen to all the tracks up to now, but if it’s only half as brilliant as A Night At The Hip-Hopera, then it’s mighty good. the mixalbum is only available as torrent. either […]

new filewile track on the net

dustbowl and deejot have released another track in the wild. go and grab the dubby trolley from their website or fire up your podcasting app and get it through their podcast feed.