merge and move data

i’m in the process of moving all my data from my ibook to my new g4 (it’s not new, i bought it used, but it’s new for me…). does anyone of you kind readers out there have an idea on how to do that smooth and seamless? i tried ccc, but that didn’t work really good, cause some os-extensions behave different on g3s and g4s… what files and directories do i need to transfer (with the excellent dropcopy for example…)?

105589 gmail invites left

i’ve got 50 gmail invites left to spare.

this makes me think that gmail is going to be open for everyone soon, since people around me are getting a truckload of invites. you won’t get an invite if you leave a comment here (they’re closed on this post), instead just head over to isnoops gmail invite spooler. over there you might be able to score one of the 105589 invites left at the moment. i just submitted all my invites there…

[via bitflux]